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If the Acquiring Authority requires to have access to properties affected by the project prior to the purchase of property rights for purposes such as land surveying, topographic survey, archeological investigation, wetland review, pre-acquisition environmental site assessment inspection, soil boring and sampling to test the property and soils for grade and excavation design work, A & R Land Services has the proper forms and follow procedural requirements to obtain these consents from the applicable landowners
A & R Land Services provides accurate and dependable title and closing services. Title services include title determinations and preparation of Reports of Record Ownership & Liens. Closing services include abstract or title report continuations, document approval, payment requests from the client, preparing closing documentation, transfer document recording, and coordination with the landowners and appropriate courthouse staff to complete the closing.
Our firm recommends the appraisal waiver process when possible on public improvement projects, as established by Iowa Code Section 6B.54, Subsection 2, which allows the use of Compensation Estimates for determining Just Compensation for property rights acquired for projects. However, if Appraisals and Appraisal Reviews are required, we will provide appraisal fee estimates from our contract appraiser staff which will replace the cost of Compensation Estimates. Regardless of which method is used to estimate Just Compensation, A & R Land Services follows all procedural requirements to ensure estimates are prepared appropriately and project funding is not jeopardized by a funding authority audit.
Our agents prepare contracts and other applicable transfer documents which comply with both the form and format requirements of each client's attorney and the requirements of the Uniform Act and federal and state laws. We understand the Eminent Domain process, and are able to explain the factual basis for the estimate of just compensation and negotiate the purchase of nearly any type of property rights needed.
We have the ability to provide any statutory relocation payment or assistance to business and residential owners and tenants. We will ensure that relocatees receive what they are entitled, and by following the appropriate procedural requirements, will also ensure that our clients receive applicable federal and/or state reimbursement for costs incurred.
Can't reach a voluntary settlement for your project? We can help. Our condemnation services include obtaining legal document review and the legal approval necessary to file an application for condemnation as well as the documents required to select a Compensation Commission. We also provide hearing document drafting, coordinate notices and service required, continue negotiations, and provide hearing representation. As a legal assistant to the client’s attorney, A & R Land Services will prepare the required notices of condemnation, obtain the selection of a Compensation Commission, establish a hearing date, and conduct condemnation proceedings in compliance with the Code of Iowa.
A & R Land Services, Inc. has extensive experience obtaining the required permits for public improvement projects from various entities, including, but not limited to, Railroads, FAA, Counties, Cities, Department of Transportation, Department of Natural Resources, and Utility Companies